Application Related Questions
FlipStamp is a mobile application that connects students and alumni with similar interests that are from the same university. FlipStamp is a free to use service for all of its users. There are no advertisements and no signup fees. Additionally all features are available to all users for free. FlipStamp is available only in the United States for now. FlipStamp supports iOS 7+ and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. Just you, me and Dupree.
The more you tell your friends about FlipStamp, the more users there will be.
The more users there are, the more connections you'll make.
See where we're going with this?
Ensure that you have the latest version of FlipStamp and Facebook. You can try restarting your phone.
If all else has failed, uninstall FlipStamp and reinstall the application. If you take that final step, as long as you didn't delete your account, you will still have access to all your connections and previous messages.
We are based out of San Diego, California.
Account Related Questions
Yes, we use Facebook help ensure connections made on FlipStamp are genuine and with real people.
Additionally, connecting to Facebook allows for easy and seamless access to your photos for upload.
FlipStamp will never post anything to your Facebook without your explicit permission. Ever.
Check that your pictures are available for your friends to view on Facebook (not only visible to you). Album security is usually the number one issue.
If you have continued problems in this area please reach us out  here.
No. Only users who have mutually Stamped each other are allowed to enter the messaging section.
This does not stop you from seeing that person at mutual events and eventually becoming friends!
Our algorithm allows people that you have Flipped past to reappear over time.
This is based on how good of a match they are for you, how long it has been since you have seen them, and how many people are left in your area.
You can make adjustments to your profile at any time. Users that adjust their current school too often or more than a certain number of times will be flagged for abuse. Current school will also be checked against your current or past university on Facebook.
It's like your mom always said, honesty is the best policy.
No. Blocking is a way for users to permanently stop communication from a user and stop them from appearing in the matching page.
It's the same rule as getting a tattoo. Make sure you know what you want before doing something permanent.
It takes time! While it may appear that there are lots of people near you that want to connect, they have busy lives and are constantly doing other things. That is why we developed FlipStamp (a convenient way for people to connect easier)! Try updating your photos and your badges to better reflect you. People are looking for genuine connections with real soon-to-be-friends. Updating who you are and spending the time to tell them will go a long way in making that connection happen. Message us right away  here in order to assist you in resolving the issue.
Users may have incorrectly flagged you or your account may have been compromised and locked for your security.
Open the application, go to Settings, scroll down, and hit Delete Account. This will delete your connections, events, messages, and profile! Deleting the FlipStamp application on your phone does not delete your account or profile! If you were not able to find the answer to your question or problem please reach out to us here.
We are here to serve you.